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Informations Verkstadskärra 1 (in english)

InläggPostat: 10:37:43, 01-05-2021
av Clausla
Hi people,
my name is Claus, living in the south of Germany, my job is to deliver Liebherr mobile cranes to the customers in Europe...
The only swedish literature i know is the IKEA-catalogue and the user instructions of the Scania R580 i´m allowed to drive sometimes, so i think it´s better to write english :smile:
I have questions about the "Verkstadskärra 1"; searching for technical informations and somebody, who uses this trailer as registered vehicle.

I could buy such an trailer, but without any documents, so it seems impossible to get a registration in Germany.
If i had a copy of swedish documents i could ask my local TÜV, wether it´s possible to get an certificate for making german documents...

Thanks for Your help


Re: Informations Verkstadskärra 1 (in english)

InläggPostat: 11:49:07, 01-05-2021
av Joe
It could be that Verkstadskärra is limited to 40km/h, so for civilian use in Sweden it's enough to have an Warntafel "Langsame Fahrzeuge" (ECE R69) and no registration.
Some pictures: ... trineholm/

If you have the Swedish military registration number (Milregnr) you could contact:
Box 9104
961 46 BODEN

Re: Informations Verkstadskärra 1 (in english)

InläggPostat: 12:09:05, 01-05-2021
av Clausla
thanks, maybe....
I hope, the limitation is meant for rough terrain; in germany military vehicles sometimes have 2 max. speeds, on-road and off-road....
The technical or user informations would help...
Something about axle and brake type...

Regards Claus

I´ll ask the seller, he should have a bill or an purchase contract; at least all informations of thelabels on the trailer....

Re: Informations Verkstadskärra 1 (in english)

InläggPostat: 13:11:02, 01-05-2021
av Clausla
I´ve got new photosfrom the seller :photograph:

Ist the trailer out of the klaravik-link, so I know the price he paid :dancing_geek:

I´ll send a mail to the fmlog and hope for informations....

Regards Claus

Re: Informations Verkstadskärra 1 (in english)

InläggPostat: 22:27:13, 02-05-2021
av torbjorn_forsman
When the "Verkstadskärra" were used by the swedish army, there was no specific speed limitation for them, they were allowed for the same 70 or 80 km/h as the truck hauling them (usually either a standard truck or a 4WD TGB30 or TGB40).

If the military registration number is not known, it might be possible to find information using the chassis number.
Even if the military registration plates are gone, the registration number can often be found on a type plate or similar. I'm not sure of where the type plate is located on a Verkstadskärra, but probably somewhere inside the vehicle. Often on the inside of the door or somewhere near the door. A swedish military registration number consists only of digits. No letters, spaces etc. Usually from four to six digits.

The brake is some kind of air brake but i don't know any details. Anyway, i'm pretty sure that the axle and braking system is from some german supplier, so it would probably be well known to german authorities.