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Nicks blogg: Priestman excavators.

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#1 » 06:00:02, 22-04-2009
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Bild Priestman excavators.
I have had a fantastic response to my Hymac memories post here on the Digger blog so I thought that I would write a bit about that other great British excavator manufacturer which is also sadly no more Priestman Brothers...

Autor: Nick Drew

I have had a fantastic response to my Hymac memories post here on the Digger blog so I thought that I would write a bit about that other great British excavator manufacturer which is also sadly no more Priestman Brothers of Hull.

The company was first established amazingly in 1873 and their early products were winches and grabs.

One of their first excavators was designed in 1920 it was a wheel mounted ditching grab which was towed & powered by a crawler tractor, the No 1 Grab Ditcher was first produced in 1921.

That was the start of a very successful company who went on to produce many different models of excavators including cable style machines like the Tiger, Wolf, Lion, etc through to the early 1960s when they marketed Yumbo Hydraulic machines like the Y35 & Y45.
They developed their own partly hydraulic hydro Cub in 1963 and then in 1965 the fully hydraulic Cub based Beaver like this old model I found on a Devon farm recently.
In 1967 the highly successful Mustang range was introduced starting with the Wheeled Mustang 90 over the the following 20 years the range consisted of nine different models.

I have very fond memories of the Mustang range personally, when I was 13 years old I used to spend time on a site in Southampton on a Mustang 220 like the one in this photo courtesy of Jeremy Rowland
[url= 220-011-d dec05.html]Bild[/url]
The 220 I used to operate as a lad was owned by Oldham based Queghan Construction on a deep sewer line job through parkland just down the road from our house, the lads were all travelling men staying in caravans and I used to get their shopping in return for the odd hour on the machine. Great experience for me but of course in todays PC world it would never happen!

Later on in my early years of operating machines for Wimpeys I spent time on a 1979 Mustang 108S similar to the one in the photo below which I thought was a fantastic machine.
The machine in the photo above has been fully restored by Irish company CJM.

In the mid nineties a range of four mini excavators were offered built by Takeuchi of Japan they were marketed as Mini-Mustangs.

In 1987 Priestman were bought by the Sanderson group and three new Mustangs were offered the 2-12, 2-15, & 2-18 models.

Sadly the company was closed in 1990, another great British company gone to the wall.

I always thought from an operators perspective that the Priestman machines were far superior to those offered by Hymac but for some reason they always seemed to stay in Hymacs shadow?

If any readers have Priestman material to share with us please drop me a line.

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Blev medlem: 17:31:27, 05-04-2006


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